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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024

Vincenzo Zitello

Celtic Harp | Emilia-Romagna
3rd august, h 08:45 p.m.
Main Stage

Vincenzo Zitello, one of the most important harpists in the world, is the pioneer of the Clarsach Celtic Harp in Italy.

His music exalts his harps, the Celtic harp and the Clarsach harp, two Gaelic traditional instruments with different sound and expressive characteristics he usually plays on stage.

Ready to capture every one, the “HARPE MUNDI” concert is a journey with poetic autonomy, in a crescendo of lyricism, evocations, allusions, rhythms, variations and virtuosity.

Vincenzo Zitello: Celtic harp, Clarsach harp


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