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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024


Folk Rock | Estonia
1st august, h 11:15 p.m.
Main Stage

New challenges. Undiscovered paths. Taming the unknown… Trad.Attack! constantly test themselves. 

In nine years, the band has released five studio and three digital albums, all of which open up a world of complexities. Their latest full-length, “Bring It On”, reflects the changes in the band’s members themselves and the world around them. In addition to new instruments, 

Trad.Attack!, as a bright comet from Estonia, have already performed in 38 countries and on almost every continent. They have been recognised in Estonia with 30 music awards, including best band and best album.


Sandra Sillamaa: vocals, torupill
Jalmar Vabarna: vocals, guitar
Tõnu Tubli: vocals, drums



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