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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024


Games Tent - The Riddle Pit
3 august from 10 a.m.
Workshop fee: Free
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Curated by Atlas Project e AIST (Associazione Italiana Studi Tolkieniani).

Multi-table one-shot role-playing game of The One Ring
"Seven stars and seven stones. And a white tree".. The rhymes of wisdom still tell, though few remember them, of the treasures the Westmen brought from across the sea after the fall of the island of Númenor. Seven stones, gifts of the elves in ancient days, capable of showing things hidden from view and taking the eye to otherwise inaccessible places and times. Palantíri - this is their name in the language of the Firstborn - "those who look into the distance." These stones disappeared one by one over the millennia, lost in the great turmoil of Middle-earth history. But now Elrond half-elf, sire of Imladris, is gathering forces for a Quest. The goal is to find the ancient Stones that disappeared in the north when Arnor, the northern kingdom of the exiled Numenoreans, was finally overwhelmed by the fury of the cruel kingdom of Angmar. A handful of braves will have to brave the wastelands of the ruined realm to the ancient capital Fornost Erain, which the people now call the Rock of the Dead, over which dark legends hang. You have been chosen among those who will take part in the Search for the Lost Stones. The journey begins!

Pre-generated character cards will be given to players at the beginning of the session. It is recommended to bring the official dice set of the game "The One Ring" or, alternatively, a generic set consisting of 2 d12 dice and 6 d6 dice.

Free event by reservation only. Reserve your place (max 50 participants).

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