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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024

The crystal palace

The crystal palace icon
Games Tent - The Riddle Pit
31 July, from 03:00 p.m.

Organized by the Everog Association

ArmaKitten one-shot role-playing game
Strap on your paws and prepare to join F.U.S.A. (Felines United for Supremacy and ArmaKitten), the secret organization that binds all cats in one common goal: world conquest! Our feline agents find themselves involved in a delicate rescue and espionage mission.
Join them and remember that you must always think and act like a cat: without opposable thumbs and with a sense of superiority over any other creature. Because cats are always one step ahead!

Free event with on-site reservation (max 5 participants).

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