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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024


Irish Traditional | Lazio
3rd August, h 12:30 p.m.
Mortimer Pub

Eirìni (“Peace” in Greek), is a project born from an idea by violinist Marco Fabbri, a musician with 40 years of experience in oral tradition. The group performs a mixture of instrumental music, in particular for dance, from various European countries with particular attention to the Irish tradition.
The modern but respectful interpretation of the stylistic language characterizes the strong, enthralling and emotional sound. At the Festival they will present a repertoire entirely dedicated to the various Irish dances.

Marco Fabbri: fiddle
Maurizio Di Giacomo: guitar
Emanuele Sassetti: flutes
Lorenzo Coletta: bodhràn
Emanuele De Simone: banjo, bouzouki

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