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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024

Blind Guardian

Power Metal | Germany
31st july, h 11:00 p.m.
Main Stage

The Blind Guardian arrive in Montelago, four bards who play as if they were an army of musicians. The only Italian date of the powerful German band that has been releasing evocative and lyrical power metal on the most prestigious stages in the world since the 1980s.

Very elaborate arrangements, symphonic layering and a skilful use of overdubbing are the ingredients for a dense, choral, epic sound, the band’s trademark. Influenced by the universe created by Tolkien, the new album “The God Machine” is yet another confirmation of the fans’ expectations.

Hans Kürsch: voice
André Olbrich: lead guitar
Marcus Siepen: rhythm guitar
Frederik Ehmke: drums


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