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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)

The Rumpled

Irish Folk Rock | Trentino-Alto Adige
5 AUGUST, 04:00

Ready to dance? One, two, three, jig! This is The Rumpled, an eclectic Irish Folk-Rock band from Trentino which - with its sparkling mix of Irish folk and rock, ska and punk sounds - offers a range of irresistibly danceable, energetic and vital tracks, capable of gripping any audience and turning the concert into a real party. Live performances are their strong suit, from originals to Irish folk song covers, their irrepressible energy inciting the crowd to jump and dance. On the web, they have over 5 million plays on Spotify.


Marco Andrea Micheli - vocals
Tommaso Zamboni - accordion
Patrizia Vaccari - violin
Davide Butturini - guitars
Michele Mazzurana - drums
Luca Tasin - bass

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