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Waiting for 2023 edition...

Lennon Kelly

6 AUGUST, 00:45

"A cultural crossover between Romagna and Ireland, with accordions and violins that follow the best tradition of Irish folk, enriched with punk and rock infusions"

All Music Italy

Seven madmen united by a passion for folk music, intertwined by jigs and reels in electric and biting nuances within which lyrics appear as if by magic, now songwriting, now direct and angry in their lucidity. Contemporary spokesmen for Italian combat folk in Europe, they’re ready to blow us up as the night becomes more intense.

Vasco BARTOWSKI Abundance | vocals, acoustic guitar Costantino ROMAN Valentini | voice, guitar, banjo, mandolin
Alessandro POBRE Valentini | bass
Mattia AGO Agozzino | guitar, banjo, mandolin, choirs
Mirco CIRCO Turci | violin, tin whistle, choirs
Enrico PERRY Ricci | accordion
Davide DAVINO Paci | drums

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