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6 AUGUST, 11.15

In the gray Genovese winter, three musicians in disarray decided to get together to make the world dance far and wide, above all obliquely.
TriOblique is a mélange of the musical baggage of Susanna Roncallo (guitar, voice, iron discipline), Aurélien Congrega (bouzouki, voice, car theft) and Dario Gisotti (flutes, bagpipes, accordion, voice, mushrooms). It’s a journey through sinuous paths, moving transversally from one style to another, exploring sounds ranging from Genoa to Ireland, funk to traditional High Brittany singing, delicate fingerpicking to the most grim rock chords, and instrumentals to polyphonic vocals, all with the joyful aim of making bodies dance, whether an ethereal mazurka or a feverish kost ar c'hoad.
A fast-paced matinee at the Mortimer Pub!

Aurélien Congrega | bouzouki, kick, voice
Susanna Roncallo | guitar, voice
Dario Gisotti | flutes, bagpipes, accordion, vocals

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