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5 AUGUST, 21:15

"A young band in great shape, very effective in dispensing its symphonic power metal in large doses"
Rock Hard Italy

Winterage was born in 2008, mixing Symphonic Power Metal instrumental sound with influences from folk, medieval and classical music, using the violin instead of the voice. In 2015 they released the full-length debut album The Harmonic Passage, an impressive work that’s more than just instrumental, featuring a real symphony orchestra and an opera choir in a cast of 40, who enrich each track with powerful arrangements. Along with concerts together with Elvenking, Angra, Dark Moor, Trick or Treat, Dragonland, Pathfinder, Moonspell and many others, the band’s live performances also feature a string quartet and choir. At Montelago they will present their second album, which again involved the collaboration of symphony orchestra, choirs and instrumentalists of traditional Irish music.

Daniele Barbarossa | voice
Gabriele Boschi | violin
Gianmarco Children | guitars
Matteo Serlenga | bass
Luca Ghiglione | drums
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