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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024


Games Tent - The Riddle Pit
1 august, 08:30 p.m.
Workshop fee: 25€
Payment information will be communicated in the order confirmation mail.

Curated by Octopus Storytelling.

Murder party
A mysterious messenger shows up at court. The festivities organized to celebrate the end of the war and the great victory are overshadowed by the shadow of a macabre omen: balls, banquets, jousts and duels come to a halt. The herald declaims in a thundering voice, "Before the sun returns to illuminate the castle, the noble families of the court will have to face an ancient and ominous prophecy!" After speaking, the dark messenger exhausts his mission and disappears in a blanket of magical smoke, dropping an empty suit of armor to the ground. An icy silence falls over the hall, but soon the king's guests begin to cast furtive and suspicious glances at each other. Will the words of the mysterious messenger be true? What tragic event looms over those attending the reception? What threat awaits them?

"The Prophecy" is a murderparty revisited to provide a unique experience with a medieval atmosphere and magical flavor. Together with your friends and united by the insignia of the noble houses, you will experience an investigation full of twists and turns, making critical decisions in an attempt to thwart the mysterious threat that has struck the court. All accompanied by a delicious dinner. Reserve a table, honor your lineage and unravel the mystery of "The Prophecy"!

Event by reservation only. Reserve your place (max 65 participants).
Cost: €25 including dinner. The menu will be communicated to members by email a few days before the event. Vegetarian and vegan options are included in the menu. When booking, please report any food intolerances and/or allergies.

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