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Nanowar of Steel

AUGUST 5, 00:45

Nanowar Of Steel combines comedy and metal through numbers characterized by zany lyrics and a sound that richly echoes the power and heavy metal of the 80s.
Well-known tracks - from Metallica to Iron Maiden to Rhapsody of Fire - are thus reinterpreted by changing the lyrics into parodies. The group's look and attitude are no different. With Norwegian Reggaeton, the 2019 hit with over 5 million views on Youtube, they entered the Odinesque pantheon of world metal.
At Montelago the "Nani" will also introduce their latest album, Italian Folk Metal, released last July by Napalm Records: full of references to Italian folklore, it features the group’s unmistakably ironic metal touch on the various traditional sounds of the beautiful country.

Potowotominimak | voice
Mister Baffo | voice
Mohammed Abdul | guitar, choirs
Panceri cat 666 | bass, backing vocals
Uinona Raider | drums

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