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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)

Montelago Orchestra

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World Music | Portugal / Italy
5 AUGUST, 20:30
Main Stage

A special appointment with the Montelago Orchestra, a long-awaited concert, an international production of the Festival and a focal point of the cultural program dedicated to the Portugal/Italy connection, with the twinning of the municipalities of Torres Vedras and Serravalle di Chienti.

To express the bond between the two nations, this musical connection of excellence brings together artists from different worlds on stage: the Portuguese Albaluna and our Ogam, Fulvio Renzi and Clara People.


Albaluna | Portugal

More than a band, Albaluna are a concept. Through the multidisciplinary fusion of music, poetry and dance, inspired by the ancient cultures of the Silk Road, the originality of the group emerges to create a permanent dialogue between ancient and contemporary music.
Creativity, lots of energy, but also a deep introspection in the more reflective moments enliven the atmosphere of their performances, which are celebrated all over the world, from Europe to Morocco, and from India to China.

Ruben Monteiro - rubab, bağlama, oud, hurdy-gurdy, vocals
Christian Marr's - bass, vocals
Raquel Monteiro - violin, viella, dilruba, vocals
Dinis Coelho - darbuka, riq, tombak, tablas, davul, bendir, daf
Carla Costa - ney, low whistle, bagpipes, dance
Tiago Santos – drums


Ogam | Marche
A fantasy journey to the land of uncontrollable emotion, where energy unites us with nature, the universe flows with fluidity, and where the nobility of souls reigns supreme. Here is the magical world in which Ogam's music moves, without borders and full of diverse influences.
In addition to their numerous collaborations in the theatrical field, Ogam have recorded two albums: Li Ma To (1993), dedicated to the physical and spiritual journey of the great Macerata Jesuit Matteo Ricci; and The kingdom of the Sibilla (2001), music suite inspired by the legends of the Sibillini Mountains.

Angelo Casagrande - cello
Francesco Savoretti - percussion
Luciano Monceri - Celtic harp, acoustic guitar, morin khuur
Maurizio Serafini - Irish bagpipes, Scottish bagpipes, flutes


Fulvio Renzi | Tuscany
Fulvio Renzi is a violinist, composer and producer. After studying the classics, he explored diverse musical spaces, bringing together the different styles explored into a single personal alphabet. Across Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East, he has collaborated, among others, with Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, and Ryūichi Sakamoto. He has composed and produced music for theatre, film and documentaries in collaboration with Rai Cinema, has 6 albums to his credit, and participated in over 50. He has also created important artistic works in the field of human rights violations.


Clara People | Marche
Clara People (Popolo) is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. After her first album, Sense the Raven (2021), which featured a folk sound and English lyrics, and included the singles Thank you and At least for a night, in March 2023 she released the single In your light, a track from her second album, Scissors, which leaned decidedly more toward pop. The drums and electric bass are the big news, but everything, as always, is "enveloped" by Clara's acoustic guitar and the sound of musicians with a Nordic flavor (Catherine Ashcroft, Shona Mooney, Michael Biggins, etc).

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