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XXI edition // 31 July - 1 2 3 August 2024

Leather mask workshop

Leather mask workshop icon Leather mask workshop icon
Historical camp
Workshop fee: 143€
Payment information will be communicated in the order confirmation mail.

Teacher Name: Leonardo Gasparri

The art of creating a leather mask, in the tradition of the Commedia dell'Arte, dates back to the 16th century but was rediscovered only in the mid-20th century by Amleto Sartori (Abano Terme) after years of obfuscation, thanks in part to the input of Strehler, Lecoq, Barrault and others. Approaching this craft, one can see how much of the workmanship can overlap with that of the shoemaker. Typical and characteristic craft of our region.
Materials will be provided (leather, tools, paints and waxes) and each student will keep the mask he or she has constructed. The making time is three days, for a total of 18 hours, beginning with handling the leather after wetting and stressing it; laying it on the matrix; shaping with specific tools the leather by pushing it between the lines, convexities and concavities of the matrix (this operation will last as long as the leather is drying); finishing the mask after removing it from the matrix; stabilizing the mask; varnishing and finishing.

The course lasts three days and will take place at the following times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10.00-13.00 / 15.00-18.00

Location: historical camp

Maximum number of participants per slot: 9

Workshop also suitable for children: NO

Workshop fee: 143 € (including reservation fee)

Reservation: As slots at the festival sell out quickly, we highly suggest booking your slot online by clicking here.

Be aware! You need to purchase a festival ticket before booking your workshop slot.

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