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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)


Folk Metal | Marche
5 AUGUST, 12:30
Mortimer Pub

Haegen was founded in 2012 from the amalgamation of two groups whose members were friends. Thus was born a folk metal project with an intriguing sound drawing from multiple sources of inspiration - from Italian and above all local traditions to the European new trad scene – to create a complex and original melodic mix.

After having performed on the stages of a number of major Italian festivals, the band took a hiatus for a few years, and has now returned to the national music scene with a host of new ideas to continue the journey through the stories and legends of the Marche region.


Leonardo Lasca - vocals
Federico Padovano - flute, vocals
Eugenio Cammoranesi - keyboards, vocals
Tommaso Sacco - drums
Nicholas Gubinelli - bass, vocals
Gianmarco Eleuteri – guitar

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