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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)

Dario Paladini

3 AUGUST, 15:00
Tolkien Tent

PRESENTATION of IO STO CON LE API (I’m with the Bees, Publisher TERRE DI MEZZO) 

with Dario Paladini


“I had read some articles on the death of bees, caused by pesticides and climate change. A silent massacre that did not leave me feeling indifferent. I'm a journalist, I said to myself, I could do an investigation. But that wasn't enough for me. Perhaps for the first time, my profession, to which I have dedicated dreams, ambitions and countless nights of work, seemed inadequate to me.

My wife Paola's family has a cottage in the Reggio Apennines, with some land in the middle of the woods. Why not create a happy island for bees there? It would be my contribution to saving an endangered species."

And so this book grew from the passionate pen of Dario Paladini, dedicated to those who know that life also depends on these tenacious and delicate insects, which are now in danger. He asks himself: what can I do?

Born in 1969, Dario Paladini works as a journalist for Terre di Mezzo and the Redattore Sociale news agency. He wrote Omicidio a Mogadiscio (Murder in Mogadishu, Paoline, 2006) and Il futuro è di chi lo fa (The future belongs to those who make it, Terre di mezzo Editore, 2014). Since 2015 he has been raising bees as a hobby: his hives are located in the countryside south of Milan and in the Reggio Apennines.

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