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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)


Pagan Folk | Veneto
5 AUGUST, 19:30
Mortimer Pub

With Daridel, ancient Europe resonates. Flutes and harps speak of fairies and goblins. Aggressive bagpipes sing accompanied by the voice of the hurdy-gurdy. Immense drums make the spirits dance. Bones beat, woodwinds shriek, horns sound, as in a frenetic song of Nature. A continuous cycle of death and rebirth, of sweet and aggressive sounds, arcane and forgotten; a journey through pagan atmospheres in the centuries of darkness and light, a tribal music infused with the Middle Ages and what we usually call Celtic music, dedicated to our wildest selves.


Warg - bagpipes, flutes, bouzouki, didgeridoo, vocals
Skogfru - Anglosaxon lyre, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, rattles
Derwid - davul, vocals, didgeridoo
Kvasir - davul, djembe, tagelharpa
Rurel - percussion, vocals

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