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Brutti di Fosco

AUGUST 6, 04:00

From Marche, the new band of Celtic Music’s alternative scene! To close the long Celtic night there could only be Fosco - now one of Italy’s best pipers - and his ugly digestive companions.
Over the years the sound of Brutti has evolved from “traditional Celtic” to a style free of canons and labels, where the band's goliardic spirit emerges, involving the audience in their show. Thanks to the single Secco Speciale (a tribute to the historic Marche liqueur Varnelli), the band goes viral in the best bars of Central Italy. Their self-produced EP Estote Deformis and recent single released Liberi! are precursors to a new album scheduled for the end of 2022.

Lorenzo Carducci | bagpipes, flutes, vocals
Federico Stocchi | rhythm guitar, vocals
Lorenzo Marcelloni | lead guitar
Giulio Fabrizi | bass
Edoardo Leoni | drums

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