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XX edizione // 3 - 4 - 5 agosto 2023 // Serravalle di Chienti (MC)

50 Celt

Celtic Rock | Marche
5 august, 15:30
Mortimer Pub

Formed in 2018 with the desire to reinterpret Celtic songs in a rock key, the band mixes guitar, bass and drums with traditional instruments in their repertoire of covers, jigs and reels with Iberian and Irish echoes.

Mutual goals, empathy and the fervent passion of the five members have made the unexpected possible. And so after various concerts up and down the Bel Paese – including Montelago’s 2021 ECC edition - the group has established itself on the Italian folk music scene, winning second place at the Etnie Musicali International Folk Contest and making the finals of Sanremo Rock at the Ariston Theater.


Alberto Martin Squadroni - vocals, electric guitar, tin whistle
Alberto Amadio - violin
Serena Canala - 8 bass diatonic accordion, vocals
Francesco Di Lernia - bass
Andrea Strappa – drums

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