Service & Utility


Services available to participants to ensure hygiene, comfort and safety at the Festival.


Phone Charging

Electrical sockets to charge any low-battery devices, at Mortimer Pub.


Wi-Fi Zone

Once again this year there will be a free Wi-Fi Zone set up specifically for the Festival by NewTec Matelica.

WIRTEK is the new ADSL offered by NewTec in order to make broadband available everywhere, even in areas not currently covered by ADSL services. NewTec uses the most innovative technologies and its own wireless network transmission, independent of other operators.


For more information about the WIRTEK go to the NewTec stand alongside the main stage, where the Wi-Fi Zone is set up.


Medical Services

Field hospital with 24-hour ambulance services, first aid and medical care, coordinated by the Macerata Soccorso (Macerata Rescue) association.



Before driving take a free Breathalyzer test at the Stammibene stand. The booth also promotes youth health through a computer quiz, prevention and awareness items, and information on drugs, alcohol and HIV. The initiative is supported by Sicuramente, a project on prevention sponsored by ASUR (Azienda Sanitaria Unica Regionale – Regional Health) Wide Area 3, the Province & Prefecture of Macerata. A DDP project (Department of Pathological Addictions).




25 hectares of free parking, as always illuminated and supervised by the local sections of Marche Civil Protection.


Toilets & Personal Hygiene

Continuous maintenance, drainage and cleaning services for gender-specific portable toilets; participants are supplied with free toilet paper upon entry to the festival. Shower stalls also available.