Each admission ticket is unique and is not a daily ticket. The ticket is valid strictly for a single individual and entitles you to a self-locking bracelet that will be placed on your wrist by a staff member. The bracelet authorizes you to enter and exit the Festival area at will, after being checked, for the entire event. Removed or torn bracelets are non-refundable and lose their Festival access value. The ticket includes all concerts, parking, camping and all cultural & sporting events. The ticket does not include fees for workshops and participating in Celtic games.



(for tickets purchased at the Festival ticket office)*

Entry on Thursday 1st August (valid until Sunday): 40€

Entry on Friday 2nd August (valid until Sunday): 40€

Entry on Saturday 3rd August (valid until Sunday): €20
Entry for children under 10: Free

*The ticket office will be open continuously from 08:00 on Thursday 1st August.



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