Celtic Craft Market

A bazaar with a Celtic soul where you can find the very best of European handmade crafts, ranging from fantasy products to traditional medieval drinks.

The avenue dedicated to the Celtic Craft Market starts to the right of the stage and winds its way up to meet the food stand avenue, marking a path that connects the two extremes of the festival’s defined area, and linking performance with entertainment.

 The Celtic Market was launched at the first edition of Montelago Celtic Night, when the Festival was a one-night event. Still in an embryonic state, there were less than ten stands offering their Celtic-inspired products and craftsmanship.

Given the success of the event and its continuation, with successive editions we have expanded the number of stands and the Celtic Market has become a hallmark of the event. In fact, since the second edition the avenue of stalls has always been an element of connection between the two ends of the festival area – the food stands and the stage.

This year the Celtic Market consists of more than seventy stands of diverse origins and products, from fantasy articles to Celtic-inspired goods, as well as the creations of artisans working with leather, metal, glass, wood, macramé and more. In addition there are also stands with mead, hippocras and other beverages of Celtic derivation.

The stand owners of the Celtic Market, who come from all over Italy and in some cases even abroad, are composed of an historic core – whose presence derives from their permanent bond with the event and their artistic contribution, and who always attend the festival – as well as new participants each year.

Every person that comes to the Montelago Celtic Festival is excited to discover the offerings of our merchants – always new, captivating and stimulating – as they stroll along this avenue of Celtic wares. At night it becomes a bright and cheerful promenade for anyone who chooses to participate in this grand Celtic carnival.

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