From Pieve Torina there is a road that enters the mountains and climbs gently up the expansive pastures of Costaruzza and Massa Profoglio. Amid the ruins of medieval watchtowers, horses that make fortunes at the great jousts of Foligno, Siena and Ascoli still run today. After passing through the woods and over the mountains, we will glide from above on to the alluring plains of Colfiorito.



Distance: 20km

Altitude change: 1000m ascent, 750m descent

Highest point: 1164m (Monte Costaruzza pass)


Equipment: (may vary according to weather conditions): hiking boots, summer hiking clothing, windproof jacket, hat, sunscreen, packed lunch, tent, sleeping bag, camping mat/inflatable mattress, water (at least 1 litre).

Useful items: sunglasses, snacks, camera, binoculars, head torch.

Cost: 125 € - includes: 

  • Organization and arrangements; 
  • 2 AIGAE* and/or AMM** guides with RCT*** insurance; 
  • personal accident insurance; 
  • transfer by bus from Macerata to Pievetorina on Thursday, 1st August; 
  • transfer from Colfiorito to Macerata on Sunday morning, 4th August.


*Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche: Italian Association of Environmental Excursion Guides

**Accompagnatore di Media Montagna: Registered Mountain Guide

***Responsabilità Civile verso terzi: Third party liability


N.B. You will be able to travel light on the hike by loading your tent and other items for use at the festival on the bus that will wait for you at Colfiorito when you arrive.


Logistics & Transport: Meet at 8.00am on Wednesday 31st July at Colbuccaro (a division of the municipalty of Corridonia in the province of Macerata) at the Ciao Ciao nightclub parking lot ( After the festival, meet at 11.00am on Sunday 4th August in the bus area at the festival exit ( 


For further info: or call 0733/280035 (Mon/Fri 9.30am - 1.00pm).




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