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This is not a festival like the others, you know that already. If you want a watery beer or a cocktail with an umbrella, you’re in the wrong place.


Malastrana: -NEW IN 2017- This year Montelago is changing its stock beer, turning to the fine tradition of Prague. Malastrana is a product of Bohemia’s centuries-old beer culture, where producing beer means producing culture.

Guinness: -NEW IN 2017- Many people have said: “It’s not a true Celtic festival without Guinness”. Now they will be content – from this year, the historic Irish stout will be part of the Montelago beer family.


Montelago Beers: In collaboration with the Il Mastio brewery of Urbisaglia, we offer our two favourite daughters, Litha – gold medal winner at the Brussels international Beer Challenge in Antwerp and the Barcelona Beer Festival – and Mabon. We like to make things in-house.

Il Mastio of Urbisaglia produces only high quality beers, made in accordance with the oldest brewery traditions, combining scrupulous research of high-quality raw materials with an ideal environment using the most advanced technology. All beers are unpasteurized, highly fermented and unfiltered.
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Jameson Corner – NEW in 2017: Joining the Montelago Celtic Festival family, prestigious Irish whiskey distillery Jameson will be featured with a stand where you can taste pure, home-made distillates and cocktails, manned by professionals from the Branegan Pub in Rieti.


Montelago Celtic Drink: They said we were crazy to mix beer with Varnelli Mistrà. They said it couldn’t be done. On the contrary …. YES …. YOU…. CAN!!!! Try our pairing: Malastrana plus Varnelli! (only on Saturday 5th August)

Now you can call us crazy because this year beer will be combined with Jameson whiskey. Try Beer Back from Thursday, 3rd August at Mortimer Pub.


Mead, cider & new Montelago drinks: Who can resist the Celtic style drinks produced for Montelago by the farm Le Torri of Potenza Picena in Macerata province? Back by popular demand are Montelago mead – ancient nectar of the Gods and magic kilt-igniting potion – and Montelago cider derived from the alcoholic fermentation of apples. But there’s more: Valhalla, Valeriooo & Mortimer McGrave are three spicy new drinks based on mead.


Mr Magoo eat and drink

The staff of this pub-restaurant from Porto San Giorgio will be ready to serve you throughout the Festival



Pro Loco

Catered by local Pro Loco volunteer organizations, numerous stands offer local and Marche food specialties as well as a vast assortment of drinks, while craft distilleries from all over the country & beyond provide an opportunity to sample the best of traditional Celtic drinks such as mead and hippocras (a type of mulled wine).


Celtic Street Food

Catered by Celtic Street Food, a food service offering Celtic dishes, snacks and breakfasts such as fish & chips, bacon & eggs, along with local specialities to accompany the beer.


Montelago Vegan

Catering service with dishes for vegetarians and vegans who live cruelty-free. The best of a healthy and natural cuisine – as well as gluten-free – is on offer at its stand near the main stage.