The Celtic Night on Saturday, 3rd August begins with the traditional Lighting of the Sacred Fire, the symbolic Festival rite accompanied by young pop-folker from Marche, Raffi, who will perform on the main stage.


Saturday 21:00 –in the heart of the festival-


The rite of lighting the sacred fire originates from the culture of the ancient Celts: on the night marking the end of the hot season and the beginning of darkness and cold – 31st October- 1st November – the Celts believed that all laws of space and time were suspended and the world of spirits could thus join the world of the living. To remove evil spirits from the villages, every hearth was extinguished. It was then up to the Druids to light the New Fire on the top of a hill amidst the oaks (a tree considered sacred), where they danced and sang around the fire until dawn, when the transition from the sunny season to that of darkness was complete. The Druids then went to the village families giving each of them glowing coals from the New Fire to re-ignite the hearth in a sign of hope and return to life.




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