Coming to MONTELAGO this year

f you’ve ever harboured the desire to dress like a barbarian, a mercenary, a knight, or the meanest of brigands, or if you’re simply tickled by the idea of exploring a hobby removed from everyday life, don’t miss the chance to test yourself in a medieval-fantasy setting, a realm full of surprises and characters to befriend, duels to fight, places to explore … all within the ambit of the Montelago Celtic Festival.


The focal point of the Battle for Vilegis is the conflict of the Houses, factions that conjure heroes and characters from all over, profoundly different in ideals and ethics, but who compete for a single purpose: to reign over Vilegis and its realm for a year, imposing their own dictates ... until the next Battle.


Whoever travels through the world of Vilegis will have to overcome threats and difficulties, fierce fighting, challenging missions … or simply fill the streets of the encampment with life. Within the dynamics of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to directly influence the vicissitudes of Vilegis, elevating your name and making yourself known, all while being attentive to potential adversaries.


Proposed activities:

  1. Preparation for Battle: Dueling with various types of weapon (sword - sword and shield - 2 swords - 2-handed weapon and bow)  €5
  2. Arms tournament: participation in the courtly tournament with harmless weapons, full of adrenalin and competition to appoint the "Champion of the Arena". €5
  3. Siege: thanks to the presence of a small fortified gate with towers and arrowslits, you can try to besiege a castle. There’s also a ram and boulders tossed from the towers, but above all you’ll need to muster your courage to overcome the defenses! €5