• Ross Ainslie - bagpipes, whistle
  • Ali Hutton - bagpipes, whistle
  • Kevin O’Neill - flute, whistle
  • John Somerville - accordion
  • Éamonn Coyne - banjo
  • Adam Sutherland - violin
  • Innes Watson - violin
  • Barry Reid - electric guitar
  • Duncan Lyall - double bass, bass
  • Martin O’Neill - bodhrán
  • Fraser Stone - batteria

An epic orchestra. Superb. A band that defies description.

The Treacherous Orchestra has a history that spans the length and breadth of Scotland. From North and

South, East and West, the eleven collaborators converged on Glasgow – expert musicians all – to talk about music (and beer!) with ferocity, verve and passion, giving life to a dynamic fusion of the vibrant Scottish scene. From the traditional to the innovative, their music – like a frenetic multi-instrumental dance – is a heady distillation of folk, rock and Celtic melodies, with sounds and rhythms that produce stirring echoes in the mind. Anyone who has seen them live knows that there is never a dull moment in their performance, nothing is predictable. For all those experiencing them for the first time at Montelago, prepare yourself for an invigorating maelstrom of fresh air directly from Scotland! In collaboration with the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow.



05 August 00.00


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