IRISH FOLK ROCK / Dublin, Ireland

  • Brendan “Dog” Walsh - Banjos
  • Ross O'Farrell - Bass
  • Patrick Widmer - Drums
  • Conor Buckley - Guitar
  • Euan McLoughlin - violin

With an experienced lineup that boasts a number of degrees in classical music as well as a two-time All Ireland Music champion, The Led Farmers’ repertoire embraces elements of pop, rock and experimental genres blended in with the best of Irish folk traditions, both old and new. Their constant touring schedule of 80-plus gigs a year across Europe and the US reflects the band’s love of performing live, and it’s on stage that they truly come into their own. Playing their own songs and fresh new arrangements, as well as a selection from powerhouses such as The Dubliners, Planxty and The Pogues, their spontaneity and engaging warmth will light up the Montelago stage with positive energy and good vibes.


“You just want to see The Led Farmers go far, they have a likeability factor and stage presence that completely enhances their performance and makes them so distinctive” / Dublin Concerts reviews

“According to the dictionary, the word ‘fresh’ means ‘having its original qualities unimpaired, full of or renewed in vigor and not worn or rumpled’. Well here comes a band that fits the bill…they are likeable, infectious and distinctive, these are lads you’d want to join for a pint or two” / Irish American News

“The Led Farmers preserve the tradition of their own native songs while adding a decidedly unique perspective to it. If The Led Farmers can persist like the Clancy Brothers, maybe in 20 or 30 years it may be said that they helped set the new standard for traditional Irish Music” / Paddy Rock

“I like the vibe of The Led Farmers. They have an acoustic sound that reminds me of Dexys Midnight Runners, and an energy and style that takes up where the Pogues left off” / Christy McNamara



03 August 17:30


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