Rock - Country - Blues - Folk / Piedmont, Italy

  • Marco Berto - drums, cajόn, percussion
  • Denis Chiatellino - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, chorus
  • Riccardo Dugaro - electric bass, chorus
  • Mattia Rocchietti - bagpipes, diatonic accordion, flute, sax, keyboards, chorus
  • Giulio Umoret - voce, acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro

The band’s name perfectly captures their spirt, as they were born and raised with rock, folk and country music in their hearts, and are adept at trying their hand at various instruments and genres. Together for 9 years now, and with an average age of 25, they are nothing if not courageous and they love to experiment while still pursuing clear paths and being true to the sound that flows through their veins. Their daring has rewarded them several times with awards, not least at the 4th edition of Montelago’s European Celtic Contest.


Currently the band is working on new songs that will comprise what will be their first album. They aspire to perform on as many stages as possible, not only because they adore the public, but above all because they love to play and explore.



01 August 21:00


Mortimer Pub Mortimer Pub
02 August 19:30


Mortimer Pub Mortimer Pub
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