• Remmel - vocals, acoustic guitar, balalaika, mandolin
  • Puikkonen - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Pukki - double-bass, vocals
  • Hiltunen - accordion, kantele, mandolin, keys, flute
  • Herman - banjo, vocals, acoustic guitar

Coming all the way from parts Scandinavian, Steve ‘n’ Seagulls is a folk band that reinterprets hard rock and metal classics in country-bluegrass style.

The five crazy musicians, armed with banjo, mandolins, hoes and accordion, started playing together in the summer of 2014, and soon found themselves becoming very popular. Their version of Thunderstruck, the celebrated AC/DC number, for example, racked up over 78 million views on YouTube.

Characterized by their redneck look, the spirit of their music is inspired by farm life amid the countryside and barns, and seasoned by a distinct sense of humor, which is hinted at by their choice of name, a distorted pronunciation of American actor Steven Seagal, who speaks his name in almost the same way.

The group has released three albums: Farm Machine (2015), Brothers in Farms (2016), and Grainsville (2018).


“…the Gulls’ chawbacon representations of legendary rock tunes sound astonishingly American and hit the spot like Georgia Apple Pie Moonshine: this stuff is sweet, fun and 140% proof – equally capable to get you hammered and to set you on fire!” / Mercy Lounge, Nashville



02 August 23:00


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