COUNTRY ROCK / Lombardy, Italy

  • Anchise Bolchi - vocals, violin
  • Luca Annunziata - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Daniele Zoncheddu - vocals, electric guitar
  • Vittorio Alfieri - electric bass
  • Massimo Ferroni - drums

Five Cowboys with Celtic spirits, otherwise known as the Next Stop Band, present their mix of Irish rock and energetic new country. Formed back in 2004, this dynamic band returns to Montelago with its prized musicians and exceptional captain Anchise Bolchi, the only violinist in the history of country music to have played with the best, among them Steve Young, Guy Clark and Albert Lee.

In their rousing live shows, the group performs music ranging from Irish rock to a new generation of country-rock, with a real energy in the vocal structures complementing their catchy electro-acoustic sounds. Montelago Community, come and find out how they transform the stage into a ranch, a new wind is about to blow across the Main Stage!



05 August 01.45


Main Stage Main Stage