FOLK NEO-TRAD / Lombardy

  • Adriano Sangineto - Celtic harp, vocals
  • Caterina Sangineto - vocals, psaltery, flutes, bodhran
  • Jacopo Ventura - guitar, charango, vocals

Lyradanz: 70 strings, 0 bellows, and lots of energy! 

LyraDanz was born out of the coming together of three musicians united by their shared passion for folk, affirmed through their experiences in Celtic music, tradition and dance. Out of the use of non-traditional folk instruments grew original compositions blending tradition, innovation and tonal experimentation.


A rhythmic, playful harp with a Mediterranean soul; a bowed dulcimer, released from its "ancient" connotations through the full use of its tonal, virtuoso potential; a guitar that, from rumba to flamenco, from manouche to jazz, becomes the driving, uniting force; three voices intertwined in elegant harmony.


The group has performed at numerous prestigious events and festivals in Italy and Europe, reinterpreting the traditions of Italian folk through their profoundly new style. Their debut album Un giorno in ballo – a concept album with a song for every activity of the day – is now followed by the recent Una notte in ballo, featuring musicians from the international folk scene.


Un giorno in ballo: if you love folk dance, this album is for you.” /




03 August 11:15


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