Irish Punk Folk / Emilia Romagna, Italy

  • Vasco “Bartowski” Abbondanza - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Costantino “Roman” Valentini - vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin
  • Alessandro “Pobre” Valentini - electric bass
  • Cristofer “Cisti” Graffieti - guitar, banjo, mandolin
  • Mirco “Circo” Turci - violin, tin whistle
  • Enrico “Perry” Ricci - accordion
  • Davide “Davino” Paci - drums

The Lennon Kelly project took its first steps in 2011 in Cesena amid the green hills of Romagna, sparked by the shared passion for folk music of seven guys: two brothers, three cousins and two very old friends. Bringing their diverse musical influences together, they’ve created a style that blends the traditional sound of Irish melodies with punk and rock, augmenting jigs and reels with electric tones and biting lyrics that are direct and angry.


The band has played gigs throughout Italy, as well as Switzerland and Germany, and now has three albums under their belts. Their latest from 2018, Malanotte, which even has a tribute to Tolkien, is a collection of magical and universal stories that embrace the Celtic tradition, while at the same time never taking its eyes off society’s paradoxes, grasping its contradictions with keen wisdom.



02 August 02:15


Mortimer Pub Mortimer Pub
03 August 04:00


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