FOLK METAL / Veneto, Italy

  • Andrea Facchin - lead vocals
  • Marco Salvador - guitar
  • Davide Mazzucco - guitar, bouzouki
  • Dimitri De Poli - bass
  • Luca Rover - drums
  • Luca Zanchettin - bagpipes, kantele
  • Stefano Herian Da Re - whistles, rauschpfeife

Launched in 2010, Kanseil is a folk metal project inspired by the Cansiglio plateau and its beautiful forest in the Trevisan Prealps. The band’s repertoire includes medieval melodies and traditional sounds from all over Europe, merged with death- & black-metal riffs and acoustic compositions with an ancient feel.

Following a period of intense live shows – during which they shared the stage with some of the Italian underground’s big names, as well as international performers such as Folkstone and Omnia – in 2015 the group released their first full-length album, Doin Earde, whose music and lyrics depict the stories and traditions of their homeland.



01 August 01:15


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