Folk Rock / Piedmont, Italy

  • Jacopo Ventura - guitar, bouzouki, vocals
  • Lorenzo “Wenzo” Prealoni - lute, bagpipes, vocals
  • Andrea Sica - electric bass
  • Mauro Pelletti - drums, cajόn, hurdy-gurdy
  • Andrea Lentullo - accordion, hammond
  • Milo Molteni - violin

Folkamiseria was launched in 2007 with the aim of taking folk music to pubs without relinquishing the element of rock. Their repertoire ranges from the traditions of Ireland to those of Piedmont, their homeland, and from France and Spain to Southern Italy, while also including a few bars from Eastern Europe. As well as giving folk traditions new life through their free interpretations and captivating arrangements, their numerous original songs reflect the varied stylistic influences and musical backgrounds of the band members: from the Pogues to Gogol Bordello, and De Dannan to Jethro Tull. Always looking to explore new sounds –  their fourth album, Follia, blends rock, folk, blues, reggae and pop into tracks of Irish music and Italian dialect – Folkamiseria has taken their booming melting pot of sounds to Italy’s most important folk and world music festivals, navigating the vast musical jungle through their charged live performance.



02 August 00:45


Main Stage Main Stage
03 August 19:30


Mortimer Pub Mortimer Pub
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