• Charlie Stewart - violin, bass
  • Joe Armstrong - flute, vocals
  • James Harper - bagpipes, whistle
  • Stephen Henderson - percussion
  • Luc McNally - guitar, vocals

One of the most promising young bands of Scotland. This is the description often ascribed to Dosca, energetic quintet of musicians and students of the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland who burst onto the music scene at the 2015 Celtic Connections Festival. Having further honed their skills, the uniquely talented band’s fame has grown rapidly, and has now begun to spread across the mainland of the Continent.

Strengths?! Pure Scottish and Irish folk, infused with a hint of jazz. This is the basis for developing a new sound, which draws from the respective backgrounds of the individual performers, while at the same time being strongly rooted in tradition. And amongst it all, between lively arrangements and irresistible solos, something steals your heart, starts running, and never looks back!



04 August 18.15


Mortimer Pub Mortimer Pub
05 August 03.15


Main Stage Main Stage