• Adam Romanski - fiddle
  • Grzegorz Chudy - low whistle, vocals, accordion, bombard, bansuri
  • Lukasz Kulesza - acoustic guitar
  • Bartlomiej Dudek - bass guitar
  • Jan Kubek - tabla, cajόn, djembe
  • Jan Galoczewski - Irish bouzouki, electric guitar, Galician bagpipes, bodhràn
  • Pierre - drums

Formed in 2002 and taking their name from the famous Gaelic pagan festival, Beltaine's unique mix of the Celtic tradition with folk motifs from around the world has earned them appearances at festivals as farflung as Rainforest World Music in Malaysia and the Ollin Kan Festival in Mexico. By following their own path, their experimentation has blurred the boundaries between traditional and contemporary music, and given their sound a fresh, catchy texture. The group has toured throughout Europe and across the Americas, and regularly perform at Europe’s major festivals; in 2011 they won the Top Celtic Rock Band category at the Irish Music Awards. All four of their studio albums to date have won Best Folk Album of the Year in a vote co-organized by Polish Radio.


Their live performances intertwine different musical styles, moving from traditional Irish, Scottish and Breton refrains to classical Indian and then contemporary rhythms. Moving seamlessly between traditional Celtic instruments, electric guitars, and the global percussion sounds of the tabla, cajόn, darabuka, and djembe, the result is a mixture of virtuosity and energy, spontaneity and passion, uplifting the audience with their exciting, vibrant sounds.

Modern arrangements … rich, traditional instruments … openness, ingenuity, a mixing of musical trends. A lot is going on here.” /



03 August 21.15


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